A/B Demos and samples of our work

In general we don’t post the work we do for others because it is copyrighted by the Artist, and we take that very seriously, as we do our confidentiality agreement. Typically the work we do stays between you and us except for possible session performance or mixing and mastering credits in the liner or in the absence of that the mp3 metadata.

So when you are finished recording at Zen Duder, you get a very official looking signed and witnessed sheet of paper that states some engineering metrics about the work we did for you, that this is your work, the dates that it was recorded, where it was recorded, and that you are the sole owner of the copyright to this work. Its a nice thing to have and serves as proof that this is your 100% original work should you ever need that for an upload or contract or whatever. We can also provide tips regarding what you need to do as an artist to properly copyright your work.

We also offer free encrypted professional archival services which can come in very handy. Typically we save the work we do indefinitely. For example, say you want to re-mix the work or work on it some more later on like 5 or 10 years later. We have you covered.

A / B tests and sound demos

We have dropbox drop lists for various interests. If you have an interest and would like to be included just ask. It’s totally free there is no obligation. Such as “I’d like to listen to all the Duders custom cabinet demos”.  If you want to listen to everything we drop, thats fine too obviously we love it when people are interested in our drops.

Here are just a few samples of our a/b and demo sound drops which occur fairly frequently. These are typically recorded casually with a tascam Dr100MkIII portable stereo field recorder using the built in mics for the sake of consistency and expedience.

B52 Bomber Brown AF mode demo vs 67 Blackface Fender Super Reverb

General Ripper EL84 Tube Amp, Rickenbacker 4003 Bass and Zen Duder Metrocabs demo

Jimmy Stopped By Orange Dark Terror Tube amp, Tele Custom, JBL vintage K120 cab.

distorted B 52 Bomber Tube amp and Roland Fender Rhodes patches, marshall 2 x 12 cab PFL

Rhythm Lesson B52 Bomber JBL E110 Zen Duder Harry Balls Cabinet

Stereo Submarine Ping Samples

Countess being a pod of whales using the Moog Subsequent 37 then into a phase 90 then a space echo then a voodoo vibe then a hall of fame II reverb

Moog Organ sample strip long strikes

Whales II

Ruff Rider Drum and Bass

Ruff Rider II

Live Animal Farm Stereo Field Recording

Charles Ruger


Demo of seafoam green moog tone

Customer sound Demo Gibson SG PAF pickups, Harry Balls #2 cab B52 #1 amp.

Customer sound Demo raw recording Gibson SG w PAF pickups, Orange Dark Terror mod>White Zombie Amp>JBL E110 Harry Balls Cabinet

That said….

Analog Chill has been kind enough to give us permission to upload copyright free all of the tracks we recorded for them.

This was very creative work that involved a lot of effects, and was very challenging and fun in post production. It shows what we are capable of at Zen Duder. Recording a straight session is a walk in the park compared to some of the things we did in this work. “Pictures in Sound” was the idea we were going for with Analog Chill.

These are low quality Mp3 format, but give them a chance with a good pair of headphones and a decent amplifier. Feel free to download and share them if you like.

things to listen for

Starship Cruzin became and probably still is very popular at several internet streaming radio stations. It feattures tempo sync’ed echo and some “pressure release” techniques that give the track a very relaxed downtempo feel which is just what Analog Chill was going for and they were very pleased with our work on this one.

Sunday Afternoon has a very nice guitar solo using our house 1967 Blackface Fender Super Reverb, plus our own bird samples

RadioIsotope Decay features the “Michelle scream” which has been downloaded 50,000+ times as well as a tibetian monk, a digerdoo, panning and pitch effects, and the french subway system complete with Zen Duder generated doppler effects.The Pink Floyd “careful with that ax eugune” solo was done by a teenager.

Starchild features Michelle sounding very nice on vocals, and with symphonic chorus and vocoding effects. If you are nice to Michelle [ake the countess] and if you would like or have a need for it, she may do backup vocals for free and copyright free because she just loves to sing.

If you have a good subwoofer “taking life” features a blackhawk helicopter and some good guitar licks using our house Mesa Boogie Studio 22+

the Baldwin Brothers of “Dream Girl” fame loved the tempo synced synth windups and winddowns we did for Analog Chill on Uranium Five. That was all done in post production.

“Dangerous” again features Michelle on vocals singing through our Digitech Studio Vocalist patched to the Novation X station for vocoding so an Analog Chill member played the notes as Michelle sang them. Our Studio Vocalist is capable of some amazing vocal effects from very subtle to very extreme. We have never had an artist use Barry White mode yet.

“daddy” features a Coney island wooden roller coaster

The Red Baron features a real WWII Biplane which morphs into a synthisizer along with some other fairly advanced effects and techniques in order to achieve a feeling of flight. The synth work was done using our Novation X Station.

Raw sampled and sequenced Lonnie Liston Smith with the Cosmic Echoes

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