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8/22/17 – We have had guests staying at the resort to view the eclipse which was a lot of fun. At the moment we are booked up in the studio until November, but we have both lodging and studio time still available for the whole month of November.

We currently have slots for mixing/mastering/production from December forward. The studio will be closed for live recording in Dec/Jan. Last year we were snowed in a few times during that period, but the duder will be mixing away so give us a call.

update 9/2/17: we unfortunately only have 1 week of studio time remaining for the year but the resort does have space in Nov/Dec. The Duder sez he is occupied until at least December with a remote production/mixing/mastering project so if you have something for ZDS to work on, please get in touch with us now so we can start talking about it and pencil it in.