Gear List

Zen Duder Studio Gear List –  all gear listed is professionally calibrated. serviced, tuned and fully operational – last updated:


Instrument Amplifiers [all original vintage mint and fully operational unless noted]


1964 Fender Vibro Champ 100% original

1965 Fender Princeton Reverb 100% original

1964 Fender Vibroverb 100% original [sn 003]

1964/1965 Pre CBS Fender Deluxe Reverb 100% original

1967 Fender Blackface AB763 Super Reverb 100% original

1961 Marshall JTM45 [custom modded studio amp sounds incredible]

Marshall 1971

Orange Amps Dark Terror [DA15H] 7/15 watt studio tube head [tube effects loop]

Orange Amps Or15 15 Watt Tube Head

Marshall Plexi

Vox Night Train NT15H 15W AC15 circuit tube head x 2 matched stereo set for use with keyboards, rhythm as well as guitar.

5E1 Vacuum Tube Recording Amp [custom built]

B 52 Bomber one of a kind hand wired 15W tube head very dark, distorted vintage vibe great for synth and keyboards does a fantastac Fender Rhodes through a marshall cab. Does fantastic early Brown tones.

General Jack D. Ripper one of a kind custom hand wired 7/15 watt EL84 tube head.

Music Man 212HD 130 [130W vacuum tube/ss 1974] loudest and punchiest amp in the shop highly regarded in country music circles and for steel guitar with a JBL cab.

Mesa Boogie Studio 22+ tonewood cab [1982 Vacuum tube el84 output tubes]

Ampeg B15N Holy Grail Tube Bass Head 100% original [and cabinet 1965 fully restored and ready to record] from a motown studio

Ampeg J12D Jet Guitar Amplifier 1967 100% original  like new fabulous vintage jazz tones

Laney UK Cub Head 15W Vacuum Tube w Reverb/effects loop

custom 6v6 vacuum tube recording amp


speaker cabinets:


Custom Zen Duder Dollface Cabinet 2 x 10 vintage 1957 Jensen P10r’s plug and play 16/4 dual mono or stereo

Custom Zen  Duder Harry Balls Model 1 x 10 vintage JBL E110 [vintage 1974]

Custom Zen Duder Tony Curtiss Model 1 x 10 vintage JBL K110 [vintage 1968]

Marshall 2×12 vintage [1966] open back 16ohm/4ohm/stereo celestion heritage/vintage

Custom Zen Duder 2×8 pine jensen

Orange Amplification PPC-212OB 2X12 Vintage 30 open back Celestion Cabinet with custom plug and play jacks [16 ohm/8 ohm/4 ohm/2×8 ohm stereo]

JBL 2×12 [1972 k120 vintage Allman Brothers] open back 16 ohm/4 ohm/stereo

custom tonewood tigerwood recording cabinet with 12″ Weber Classic AlNiCo magnet 8 ohm

Ampeg B15N bass cabinet w original vintage JBL 15″ speaker [1965 matching cab from motown studio] 8 ohm

Zen Duder Metrocabs Custom 10″ Eminence tunable [patent pending] “the Metrocab” recording cabinet 8 ohm x 2 [these cabinets are available custom built upon request]

Custom 10″ celestion open back recording cab 8 ohm

Custom 8″ open back [fender champ clone] recording cab 8 ohm




Roland XP-30 w vintage synth/ world/ keyboards of the 60’s and 70’s + all Rhodes/and Hammond B3 patches available. We have most of the available JV series expansion cards including country music, studio session, techno, orchestral, world music, etc.

Novation X Station [super fast 2 octave keyboard]

MoogSubsequent 37

Korg Minilogue XD

Roland MC-909 synthesizer/sequencer/groove box [maxxed out]

Rack Synthesizers:

Novation KS Rack synthesizer

Roland Rack Mount JV 5080 128 voice synthesizer with most of the available expansion cards


Korg Kaoss pad KP3+





1959 Gibson Les Paul [PAF] guitar has been on 2 US tours

1961 Gibson SG [PAF] original 10 player

1972 Fender Stratocaster [jumbo frets fast player deluxe strat sound]

1974 Les Paul Custom [ebony/maple neck large headstock]

1985 Fender Telecaster Custom [123’rd Tele Made in Japan] smoker

1988 Yamaha Mahogany and Rosewood SG470SA studio dreadnaught Acoustic smooth/clean/bright from a FL studio

1996 Jimmy Page Les Paul [mint bean tuners shaved neck for display only]

1999 Gibson ES135 Nashville with Gibson 57 Classic Humbuckers

1999 Yamaha Nylon String Acoustic

2000 PRS Semi Hollowbody electric w piezo




Warwick Corvette Bass Fretless [1998] [a perfect fretless bass]

Fretted Bass Precision/Jazz / Custom Recording Bass

1992 Rickenbacker 4003 Jetglo Bass [pro stage players bass – boomer]


Other Stringed instruments:


Vintage1972  Norma 5 string resonator closed back banjo

Bad Fish custom figured sapelli electric lap steel six string guitar with ceramic, brass, glass, corcidian bottle and chrome slides

4/4 stradvarius copy studio fiddle and bow

Fender FM 52-E Acoustic Electric Mandolin [custom super sound and player]


Effects [all original vintage unless noted]:


Fuzz Pedals all on line true bypass at the fuzz desk.

Ibanez TS-808 [original]

Univox Super Fuzz

Fuzz Face Lab [entirely configurable fuzz face]

Sola Sound Tone bender [vintage germanium studio clone]

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi [custom studio version]

Roger Mayer Rocket Fuzz [original]

Klon Centaur

Dallas Rangemaster [vintage OC75 germanium]

Zyvex Fuzz Factory x 3 [one mono one stereo]

Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz [true bypass 1976 clone TL022 Op Amp]

Tech 21 Double Drive limited ed. x 2 [ic] modified original

Belinda [vacuum tube configurable]

Marshall Bluesbreaker [true bypass clone]

Proco Rat

Other pedals:

Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe circa late 60’s hand recal by Roger.

Eventide H3000 rack mount effects unit

MXR Phase 90

TC Electronics G major rack effects x 2

Dbx 160A Compressor Limiter [rack]

MXR Dyna Comp

Roland RE-20 Space Echo [Echoplex sim]

TC Electronics Hall of Fame reverb

TC Electronics Hall of Fame II reverb

TC Electronics TC One XL rackmount studio effects unit

Tweakalyzer real time scratcher

Korg KP3+ real time x/y filter

TC Electronics Ditto X4 looper

MXR 6 band EQ

Tech 21 Double Drive

Ross Compressor

Cry Baby Wah Wah

Soul Bender [mod]

Stand alone spring reverb


Roger Mayer Rocket Fuzz

Akai MPC500 sampler/sequencer/music production

Digitech Studio Vocalist rack mount [original]

DOD stereo equalizer rack mount

Art Dynamics processor rack mount

US audio stereo mixer rack mount

TC Helicon Prism Plus with human voice modeling card rack vocal effects




In 2019 we just completed our R2B2 workstation which includes a tascam 32 track DAW, a roland mc-909 sampler/sequencer/groove box, an AKAI MPC500, a Roland XP 30 keyboard, a novation analog synth, a midi hub, and all three models of the Zoom Rt series rhythm machines, plus korg electribe, and a Moog Sub 37 Synthesizer, with yamaha hs8 studio monitors and custom canare quad star cabling.

Roland MV-8800 Drum Machine Production Studio

Mc-909 groovebox

Zoom RT 123, 223, and 249 streetbox


bucket drum kit


24″ hand drum

one pair concert maracas

6,7,8 inch chrome triangle set

various shakers


nickel plated brass cuica

6″ Wooden Djembe [Doumbek] [Darbuka] Egyptian Hand Drum

zoom rt-123

zoom rt-223

zoom streetbox

authentic sleigh bells from 1910 winter sleigh





TC Electronic Finalizer 96K Studio Mastering Processor

Ming Da audiophile tube line amp

300+ VST plug ins [computer…in the box mastering]

Avalon VT737SP x 2 Vacuum Tube Preamp/compressor/sweep EQ

LA-610 Tube Amp/compressor/eq

Alesis MasterLink ML-9600 Hard Disk/CD-R Recorder




HP Computer

Dell Computer

Tascam DR-40X Hand held 4 track recorder [new in 2019]

Tascam DR-100 Mk III handheld stereo field recorder [new in 2019]

Yamaha AW1600 Digital Workstation x 2 [midi linked 16 simultaneous input channel 32 bit float recording]

TC Electronics Ditto X4 stereo looper [5 min stereo unlimited overdubs]

ASUS TF701T [featuring the Mandroid custom OS and Viper DSP processing/mastering by the Zen Duder]

Korg D1600 MkII 16 track DAW

TASCAM DP-32SD 32 track DAW

Alesis HD24 digital 24 track hard disk multitrack recorder

Alesis MasterLink ML-9600 Hard Disk/CD-R Recorder


Stand alone preamps:


Avalon VT747SP Stereo Vacuum Tube mastering preamp/eq/compressor

Avalon U5 Class A DI Preamp

ART Voice channel  [vacuum tube] preamp, compressor, limiter, de-esser, ADC

Avalon M5 high voltage transistor

Heritage 73jr [neve 1073 clone]

U.S. Audio Mix6 Stereo Mic/line Preamp/Mixer/limiter [op amp analog devices 2017]

Manley CORE® Reference Channel Strip

DBX 160X Compressor / Limiter [vintage]

Avalon VT737SP [vacuum tube] preamp, compressor, sweep equalizer, limiter x 2 matched stereo set

Behringer U-Phoria UMC202-HD Midas op amp stereo dual a/d mobile USB powered and highly portable

Ming Da Audiophile vacuum tube studio reference

Joemeek TwinQ2 dual mono preamp/compressor/eq op amp burr brown

ART tube MP x 3  [mod] preamp, compressor, limiter

Summit Audio MPC 100A Tube microphone preamp/compressor/limiter

Toft Audio VP5051 vacuum tube

Neve 1073 DPX

Neve 1081 Strip

API 512C 500 series [API 2520 Op Amp] x 2 plus sonic imagery labs upgrade

Heritage Audio 73Jr 500 series Neve 1073 clone preamp

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517 500 series preamp/compressor x 2

Avedis Audio Electronics MA5 x 2 matched stereo set

Neve V2 strip

Belinda [vacuum tube Craig custom design based on marshall/westbury front end]

Universal Audio LA-610 mk II Pre-amp / Compressor / EQ [mod w vintage NOS vacuum tubes]




We are in the process of migrating all of our studio cabling to color coded Canare L-4E6S star quad cable, sponsored by Canare cables. We also use custom mini RG86 Video cable [2Ghz+] for patches.




Neumann KM184 Matched stereo set

Telefunken CU-29 Tube

Neumann U87ai Class A FET multi pattern condenser

Studio projects C1 matched stereo set

AKG C414XLS matched stereo set

Neumann M49b [1959]

Apex 460 [mod]

Lewitt LCT-440 Pure matched stereo set

Neumann TLM103 [transistor]

Peluso p28 [vacuum tube neumann M49 like]

MXL v63M x2 hand matched stereo set transformerless Schoeps circuit [mod new capsule and electronics]

AKG c1000s [vintage 1980]

MXL R77-L [Lundahl output transformer limited edition ribbon mic matched stereo set]

American Microphones DR330 ribbon [1952 mint] x 2 matched stereo set we are one of the only studios in the world to have a working matched set of these rare, iconic microphones

American Microphones D22 Dynamic [1950 mint] with stand as featured in the Alfred Hitchcock movie Topaz

RCA 77DX ribbon [1956 museum quality] [ubiquitous studio mic from the 50’s to the 70’s] this one owned for three decades by NBC STUDIO NYC and subsequently hand restored to factory specs by Clarence Kane the original RCA tech.


Heil PR-40 Dynamic

Beyerdynamic M 160 Dynamic Double Ribbon x 2

H1 [Neumann U67 Vacuum tube clone] Craig manufactures these on a custom basis one at a time w lifetime warranty [his not yours] please contact Michelle for details

our studio features a vintage collection of every important shure dynamic vocal mic manufactured since the 1950’s

Shure 55M dynamic [1956 Chicago mint condition] [think Elvis]

Shure 514/515 Dynamic

Shure 565SD dynamic [mint 1972]

Shure Unisphere III 545SD Dynamic Vocal Mic [1979]

Shure Unisphere IV dynamic 585SD [1972 mint ready to record Robert Plant’s choice – Led Zeppelin]

Shure SM57 Dynamic x 8 [modern the unisphere III was the forerunner]

Shure SM58 Dynamic x 4 [modern the unisphere IV was the forerunner]

Electro Voice RE 20 Dynamic

Electro Voice 676 [vintage 1967 mint perfect working order]  [Jim Morrison Doors] dynamic

Electro Voice 636 [mint]

Electro Voice 666 [1955 mint]

Electro Voice 664 dynamic x 2 [mint]

Electro Voice 644 dynamic shotgun [55 mint]

Electro Voice 620 dynamic [mint]


Sub bass drum mic custom designed and built by the Zen Duder




Ultrasone proline 650 studio engineer [closed back] no longer in production

Yamaha YH100 orthodynamic [electrostatic] open no longer in production

Shure SRH-1540

Sennheiser HD598CS

AKG K702 Audiophile Studio Reference mixing and mastering headphones [open back]

Audio Technica ATH-M20x High Isolation Studio Monitor Headphones x 4 [for musicians]

Sennheiser HD 800 Audiophile

Beyerdynamic Tesla T1


Headphone amps:


Ming Da Audiophile Reference Vacuum tube

Rane HC6 Rackmount 12 output headphone amplifier

Douk A/A/D Audiophile

Rudistor NX03 Hand Built transistor stereo class A  DC-100,000Khz +-0.15db lab grade reference amplifier.  BBOPA2134 Op amps ST TIP3055 power transistors -113db background noise 0.0003%thd 2ohm-1k ohm output impedance [18vpp 32ohms] Zen Duder reference amp.

presonus x4 recording room 4x output headphone amplifier



Korg DTR2000 precision rackmount studio tuner


Vintage Vacuum tubes:

We have for years been building a stockpile of vintage vacuum tubes, mostly NOS. We have 6L6,6V6,12ax7a,12au7,12ay7,12at7,kt66,el86 Mullard, Telefunken, RCA, Hammond, GE, Marconi, tung sol, Raytheon and more. Mostly preamp tubes, rectifier tubes, and amplifier power tubes that work in the gear we have on hand. We repair and maintain our own gear and have lab facilities to do so. If you have valuable vintage gear in disrepair, call us at Zen Duder.


Sample Library:

Zen Duder has a copyright free [available for use] sample library of approximately 40,000 samples of just about anything you can think of from a duck to a door closing to a grand piano to a jet airplaine takeoff.


Zen Duder house sound system studio A/B :

American Audio SCD 100 variable pitch DJ CD Player

US Audio Stereo Broadcast Mixer

Zhilai wireless bluetooth digital receiver [spdif, coax, analog out]

Yamaha Natural Sound Analog Equalizer

Yamaha nearfield active studio monitors HS8 x 4 [one pair mixing and mastering desk one pair in studio for playback].

Rudistor NX3 Lab grade Headphone Amp flat to 100khz

Mandroid ASUS TF701T custom Android build w Viper professional DSP streaming 8,000 track music library from 2 terabyte Synology DiskStation

Software  DSP’s:

We have over 300 software plug ins for effects mixing and mastering mostly in the VST format, although we regularly use only a handful. If you have heard of it, we have probably tried it, but we have our favorites for various subtle aspects of mastering such as transient management, stereo field generation, reverb management, etc.

In studio A we have a custom engineered house sound ambience mic/amp system for adding ambience to live acoustic recordings and voice.

Sound reproduction:

Zen Duder uses Yamaha amplification for mixing and mastering sound reproduction.

Mixing/Mastering Desk –

We primarily use Adobe Audition for post production with a collection of plug in’s that spans 3 decades.

Signal chain = HP Computer > Douk 32 bit 384k 3ps jitter USB/DAC with digital coax out, optical out, and Analog Audio out > Rudistor NX03 Headphone amp / Yamaha HS8 nearfleld active studio monitors / AKG K702/Ultrasone650 Headphones.

Our mixing and mastering desk features state of the art sonic performance using a state of the art 3ps jitter integrated DD/DAC and headphone amp. This system is benchmarked, tested, calibrated, and used for mixing and mastering reference. It is among the finest and most precise converters on the market using .1ppb crystals.

Studio A: Custom engineered stereo/5.1 chan Yamaha Natural Sound/Tang Band/JBL audiophile 10 drivers 18″ sub 600W RMS flat response very adequate for previewing finished work or raising the roof.

studio B: house sound 200Wx2 KT88 vintage Vacuum tube with 12″ 4 way JBL Studio Monitors which projects music to the nearest mountains and echoes back to the Boffin Hollow Resort.

Test and repair:

Tektronix 20mhz Dual Trace Oscilloscope

Stereo Dual Channel TFT oscilloscope

Function Generator

Signal Generator

Real Time Spectrum Analyzer in record chain

Real Time Oscilloscope in record chain

Mastering Analyzer

FFT Analyzer

Cable Tester

Digital Multi Meter

Analog Multi Meter

Transistor Tester

Wire tap

Soldering Station

10x Stereo Microscope

resident luthier, resident tech


We use only Tripp Lite Isobar surge suppressors. We use only Tripp Lite double conversion Pure Sine Wave UPS systems to power our gear. We have a custom designed solar/UPS filtered 1500VA pure sine wave star ground reference with backup. Our double conversion output voltage is fixed at 115VAC and 60Hz, We have pure sine wave ultra low noise lab grade power that will never fail or wreck your gear at Zen Duder Studio.

We also have 3 vintage line variacs [26 – + 150VAC] one is a 15A Variac.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives you a flavor for the Zen Duder studio environment.



Zen Duder