A/B tests

Attention please cyberspacers !

By popular request, Zen Duder will be posting A B shootout tests of various gear on this page.

The groundrules for our testing are as follows:

We have no skin in the game. We want you to decide for yourself what you like, or not.

Some companies occasionally loan us gear.  If we have any relationship with any manufacturer, we will disclose this in our testing.

We will make all attempts not to use words to describe the sounds you hear but instead to allow the sounds to speak for themselves. This is due to the disturbing trend of words being thrown around casually and thus losing their actual meaning.’ Plus, how do try to explain why your favorite color is green? Something like that.

All reference materials, plots, graphs, charts, etc and any other A/B testing material is provided copyright free. In the true spirit of the internet we just absolutely don’t care what you do or don’t do with the material, and there is no sort of absolute guarantee that it is accurate either. We do our best and we are qualified. That is our basis in testing. This makes it really easy for everyone. If you feel like you need to give us credit, please do. If you feel like you need to flame us or have a disagreement, send us an email and we can discuss the issue.

A/B testing results will begin to roll in during the winter of 2017. Thank you for your patience.