About Zen Duder Studios


Morning at the Boffin Hollow Lodge



Captured a sunbeam on this one

Although you may or may not have heard of Zen Duder Studios, we are at this time one of the most competent and full featured independent recording studios on the East Coast and work with label studios in both Nashville and on the West Coast. We have three recording studios on the property and also a  photography studio  and art studio / gallery.

We are constantly improving our capabilities all the time and are working behind the scenes with the music industry, with hollywood and motion picture soundtracks in special effects, and we specialize in vintage tones. A complete list of our services may be found at the bottom of this page.

The Zen Duder Studios are located on a 10 acre property at the private and exclusive Boffin Hollow Resort, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina.

Zen Duder is “out in the country” in a beautiful, quiet and unique area of the NC foothills, just a few miles from the famous Blue Ridge Parkway and the 1800’s Carlolina gold rush ground zero. The property is mostly solar powered, and with a spectacular Carolina mountain spring water well and pond.


The creek winding through the resort property has several waterfalls and a pond this one with purple hues in the morning sun available for license at Adobe


Jimmy Page Les Paul with Marshall JTM45 Tube Amplifier aka “The Kit” also available for license at Adobe and others



“The Racks” recording session about to begin


Asheville is about 30 minutes west, Marion 15 minutes north, Rutherfordton 15 minutes south, and Morganton about 30 minutes east. We are also very close to Hickory, Boone, Old Fort, Hendersonville, Lake Lure, Lake James, and even Spartianburg SC. The major cities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Atlanta, Nashville and Virgina are easy drives.

Even Miami or Chicago is only a one day drive. If you prefer to fly in to Charolette or Asheville as some do, we will make sure we are as helpful as possible to get you and your instruments here safely and have experience in doing so.

The Boffin Hollow Resort offers reasonably priced [discounted] overnight accommodations for artists who are recording at Zen Duder. The property features both a log cabin and a cottage. There is also a small camping area near the waterfall by the garden.

Most of the eastern US is within a long one day drive from Zen Duder, roughly 13 hours from Miami or Chicago for example. We also have convenient airport access from Charolette.


The Boffin Hollow staff has planted over 1000 trees in the last decade from the NC national forest service program, along with flowering shrubs and wildflowers for the bees. It is a beautiful, quiet, natural environment that is perfect for the arts or just relaxing.

We have e bikes for touring the historic Brackettown road just behind us.  It is difficult to get more remote in the southeastern US.


This photo of the pond at the Boffin Hollow Resort is called reflections in maxwells pond, the subject of a recent painting

Night Session in Studio A – Photograph available at Abobe Stock

In addition to Zen Duder, at the Boffin Hollow Resort there is also a pohtography studio and gellary, an art studio, organic garden, apiary, rabbit habitat , footpaths, lodging, and other aspects to the artist enclave at Boffin Hollow such as music and art lessons.


There are no neighbors to speak of with the exception that we might have to bring some lemonade to a neighbor out chainsawing a few miles away so we can get a track recorded. Maybe someone laid an egg and is making a big deal about it. Maybe the bunnies are out teasing the dogs and we need to settle that. Every morning around 9am a pair of Canadian geese fly in and land in the pond so we can’t record while they’re honking away. It’s that sort of environment. “are we rolling?…don’t want to get the geese on there…nah leave it, yeah”.


Maxwell’s pond at the Boffin Hollow Resort – free canopied rowboat always tied to the dock

We spend one on one time with our clients in a relaxed atmosphere that allows you, the artist, to perform at your absolute best.  The natural beauty of the property at Boffin Hollow facilitates the proper state of mind.


Apiary in the morning at the Boffin Hollow Resort – the bees are relaxing too

Studio A was specifically constructed for recording.

It is an English Country style stone cottage with 18 inch thick stone walls composed of 4-6 inch thick virginia fieldstone, mortar, 8 inch thick concrete block, and six inches of foam and fiberglass acoustic insulation. The natural acoustics of the space are very nice. We also have a log cabin with wood floor and cypress log wall performance rooms.

If you are used to the sound pollution of the concrete jungle, your ears will probably ring in the silence at Zen Duder. If you choose overnight accomodation, you can open the windows and listen to the crickets and the frogs at the pond.

Zen Duder is studio A, with a loft which acts as the control room, and an open vaulted 22 foot high cypress ceiling for an incredible open and airy acoustic environment, designed specifically for recording. There are various doors, windows and chambers that can be opened or closed depending on what we are doing. Studio B is a 1600sq foot open space with 25 foot ceilings and large doors that can be opened if desired for an open field type of environment.


an extremely isolated place

the Zen Duder Stone Cottage Recording Studio A at the Boffin Hollow Resort

Speaking of extremely isolated places [thank you Ulrich Schnauss], Recording at Zen Duder gives an artist the same or more solitude as the famous Bron-Yr-Aur, located in Machynlleth, Wales.

Pictured below, this is the famous recording studio where Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin recorded Led Zeppelin IV, and one of the most listened to rock and roll songs of all time, Stairway to Heaven. Bron-Yr-Aur is currently unavailable but Zen Duder is.



Bron-Yr-Aur, Machynlleth, Wales – a stone cottage, just like Zen Duder

Our goal at Zen Duder is to to be one of the most competent studios in the world. That said, we offer technically excellent, but budget minded recording.

We can do this because our overhead is low, and we don’t ask for “prestige money”.  At the same time, we offer a selection of some of the best recording gear and instruments that can be found anywhere in the world, some that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, and all together in one place.

In spite of the fact that we are in the woods, we are world class in terms of our gear and expertise.

We want to do this because we enjoy bringing professional recording services to artists who might not be able to afford a $2000/day base rate [everything else is extra] at a big name studio in a large building with a big staff and high overhead who has to charge that much to make ends meet.

We just don’t have that kind of overhead and we pass that along to the artists whether you are a household name or not. We do the best job we can for everyone.


working late at night inside Zen Duder with security cam rolling


UA LA610 MKII vacuum tube preamp with matched set of Avalon VT737SP vacuum tube preamps, Yamaha workstation on top

R2B2 Workstation in studio A completed in 2019 featuring tascam 32 track workstation, Roland XP keyboard synthesizer, Roland mc-909 groove box/sampler/sequencer, AKAI MPC 500 groove box/sampler, kaoss kp3+ realtime filter, novation analog synth, zoom rt 123, 223, 245 rhythm, sennheiser headset, yamaha hs8 monitors. In November 2019 we added also a Moog Subsequent 37 Analog Synth and are hoping to be working with the Moog Museum in Asheville only 30 miles away.




“In the Studio” photo availabe at Adobe Stock and DreamsTime, taken at Zen Duder Studio A spring 2018


Tracking Electric/Acoustic Guitar and Vocals in studio A on a rainy day

We have a substantial investment in a world class set of gear, including a substantial investment in outboard preamps and microphones and vintage tube amplifiers and cabinets.  Neumann Microphones, high end tube mic channel strip preamps, etc. Studio A is small and intimate, the cables are short, the fidelity is high, and the result sounds spectacular, as good or better than any studio in the world.



2 linked Yamaha AW1600 workstations, 2 linked Avalon VT737SP, API512c preamp, Neve 517 preamp, Ultraasone Proline 650 headphones




Neumann U87ai on top of Avalon VT737SP preamp ready for world class vocals tracking world class vocalist today


Wall of amps including 1964 Fender Vibroverb, 1962 Marshall JTM45, Laney, Vox, JBL, Orange, Marshall 2 x 12 cabinets, pair of custom tunable stereo bass/organ/guitar cabs.

The Four Amigos, 1963 Gibson SG Maestro, 1991 Fender Telecaster, 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 1973 Fender Stratocaster

Then of course we have all the computer tools and plug ins for editing, mastering, sequencing, etc. Mr Duder has a collection of computer DAW plug ins that spans more than two decades.

We are capable of translating any DAW session format to another.

On large projects, we typically record on a hardware DAW, then transfer the tracks to computer for mixing and then we do mastering in or outside the box depending on the project. This offers the most flexibility and power in the post production process.

We have the capability for 24 track simultaneous 32 bit recording and up to [as high as you need to go] tracks for mixdown, plus a lot of behind the scenes upgrades for state of the art sonic performance including an Italian Rudistor NX03 lab quality headphone amplifier for mixtown monitoring and studio reference standard.

Technology will never be a limitation at Zen Duder Studio we are running a state of the art shop along with decades of vintage gear.

We are always acquiring new gear and in 2019 have added a vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb which holds the title of the most recorded amp in the world, a moog subsequent 37 analog synthesizer and a 1964 Fender Princeton Reverb amp to name a few.

Please see our updated gear list.


Pair of Avedis MA5 70’s UK tone

We can also deliver the recordings digitally to you via anything from a USB drive to an on line file transfer. We are state of the art at Zen Duder.


Low lighting at night while recording fingerpicked electric guitar

Although we are budget minded in our rates, we enjoy working with established musicians who could afford to record and have recorded at the big studios, but prefer the casual, laid back, private, confidential and isolated environment at Zen Duder.

Some artists feel they work better there outside the matrix so to speak, where there is no pressure and not even any vestiges of civilization. We work with signed artists who have stipulated in their contracts that all their recording is to be done here at our studio. We love it when people come here and feel that way after working with us.


Vintage Electro Voice Shotgun microphone pictured in Zen Duder studio A with lighted birdhouse seen outside – lights move to the beat inside feathered friends seem to like it –  no extra charge


Client confidentiality is important to us. We don’t drop names. You can bring your entourage to record at Zen Duder, take the tapes with you to have your own people mix and master it if you want, and no one will ever know you were here if you are seeking privacy away from the spotlight. This is a Zen Duder guarantee. We do a lot of behind the scenes uncredited “nuts and bolts” work for a lot of other artists and studios.kcemod2

Maybe in between tracks you would like to clear your head and go throw sticks for Maxwell the resident Black Lab, dip you feet in the creek or go swimming at the waterfall, then come back and do the best work you have ever done.

Something like that.


Meet Maxwell [entertainment] and Roxanne [Boffin Hollow Security]



Neumann U87Ai studio condenser mic pictured along with rickenbacker 4004 electric bass and Gibson Les Paul. This photo along with other photos from our studio are available for licensing at Adobe Stock. Just search for Zen Duder.

Zen Duder is owned and operated by Craig and Michelle.

please meet your engineer and producer

Craig is an honors graduate with an engineering degree and was employed by IBM in Boca Raton for 10 years working on the original IBM PC before he left for other pursuits.

He is a musician himself, a multi instrumentalist and session player including guitar, bass, keyboards, and bongos, with a lifelong passion for vintage sound and vintage gear, and is technically extremely competent as your recording engineer and producer, and would probably sit in on guitar if you needed it.

Craig will work side by side with you to get a great sound, a technically excellent sound, and a sound you are really happy with.



Roland XP 30




If you’ve always wanted to record with the vintage sound of a Marshall JTM45 through a vintage cabinet, mic’ed through Neumann KM 184’s, we can do that. etc.


1942 tube phono amplifier redesigned by Craig as instrument pre amplifier “Belinda” with vintage Fender Stratocaster and Gibson SG in the background

If you want to hear an original Roger Mayer voodoo vibe hand tuned by Roger himself just like he did it for Jimi Hendrix, we can do that too. We have original vintage versions of many famous pedals at Zen Duder such as an MXR phase 90, MXR Dyna Comp, Ibanez Tube Screamer [a favorite of Stevie Ray Vaughan].

If you want a fender Rhodes or a Hammond B3, we have a large Roland keyboard with all of the vintage synth patches and know how to make it sound right. If deep purple wanted to come record machine head for example, Zen Duder could deliver the same sound. If James Taylor wanted to deliver that sound, we can do that too. We are specialists in the vintage vibe.


If you are a vocalist and would like to record through a RCA 77DX ribbon, we have one that was in service at NBC TV in NYC for 30 years before it was hand restored and re-calibrated by an RCA engineering manager known by Craig and is now sitting in a glass case at Zen Duder. It’s awe inspiring to see the exact microphone that many of your favorite icons have spoken or sang into when you were growing up, and to be able to record with it if you want to.

Craig is a perfectionist and a professional. There will probably be various little things that you don’t even hear or that don’t bother you, and it will bother him, so he will fix it.

Craig probably has spent thousands of hours wearing a pair of studio monitor headphones sitting behind a mixing console during his lifetime. It adds up to experience.

now please meet your Zen Duder hostess

Michelle aks “the Countess”, is the Boffin Hollow hostess, and is always available to meet your needs whether it’s a glass of spring water, some homemade yogurt or some fresh blackberries. If you happen to need an on demand UK English, Spanish or French accent, she is an expert sample giver.

She also acts as assistant if necessary during the recording process.

Michelle herself is an accomplished vocalist, performing and recording with Analog Chill and The Beef, and is also an acrylic artist. Michelle keeps 16 bee hives and sells her honey at the Morganton farmers market. Her favorite saying is “a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”.

She likes clients to leave with a complimentary bottle of wild mountain honey.



Meet Michelle as profiled in the Morganton News, photographed here selling her own Wild Mountain Honey and natural skin care products at the Morganton Farmers Market, Burke County North Carolina


Michelle posing in front of her giant sunflowers [about 14ft tall] you should see her beanstalk



Giant sunflower in the morning at the Boffin Hollow Resort

How we operate

We look at it this way. You are the musician. So we want you concentrate on making music while we worry about everything else.

We are resposible for taking the performance, and recording it in a way that is flattering to both you and your audience as well as being a technically excellent recording in the sense that if anyone else works on the masters in the future, they will be saying, “man, this was a technically excellent recording”.



Avalon VT737SP preamp, Yamaha AW1600 Digital Workstation and AKG K702 Headphones in the Zen Duder mixdown lab

Maybe you have a specific sound you have always wanted to get but never could. Maybe you are used to moving your head around while you are singing and playing guitar and have had problems getting a consistent sound. We know how to deal with all of that, all of your idiosyncrasies and allow you to be yourself. It’s cool, don’t worry.

As a musician, you can probably think of a time or two when you were in the zone and you just nailed the song so good it gave you goose bumps. Well, at zen duder we are aiming to provide an environment where you can do it again and again, and get it on tape. The environment we offer here is a big part of that.

We even have clients who like to record seasonally…ie a song good for fall recorded in the fall when the leaves are dropping everywhere and it’s cool and breezy out. We understand that artists are not robots, and that there is art involved in getting everything just right. This is one reason we only take on one project at a time.



We take enough time to get it right, and we have the ears and the gear to do so



always chicks hanging out at Zen Duder

In other words, we are musicians ourselves. We understand that although recording is a science, we are working in the realm of the arts and there is quite a bit or art involved to getting that track nailed in a way that it makes you smile from ear to ear and get goose bumps every time you hear it. If we can do that for you, then we are smiling too.



Sonic perfection. Zen Duder recording with Analog Chill for Big Brother records in 2007 Michelle pictured on the cover – please see our samples page to listen

Summary and rates

So we understand the process. We can make it fun and ensure your recordings meet the highest technical standards as well as to assist in the creative process. Recording is a science, and an art. We are here to help you have a sound that personally satisfies you, the artist. We understand the difference between art and science.

As we tackle the offensive subject of mixing business and music, please note when you are booked, when you arrive, the studio is configured, set up and ready to go for you.

In other words, we do a lot of prep work specifically for you before you even get here, to make sure your session goes smoothly and that you maximize how much you can get done while you are here. Our aim is to make it all fun, smooth and stress free while achieving the highest quality result, and importantly, at the lowest expense to you.

A running joke in 2019 is that we are starting an amp museum. We are purchasing a number of iconic vintage tube instrument amplifiers all from studios or from professional environments where the amps are all players. For example we just recently purchased a 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb which holds the title of the most recorded amp in history and it sounds amazing. We also recently purchased a Moog Sub 37 analog synth. We have almost every classic pedal ever made.

So if you are maybe a player but not a recording artist contemplating a high end amp or instrument purchase, it might make sense just to come out and stay at the resort combine a vacation and just to being able to sit in a quiet studio and play a variety of vintage amps and instruments where you can decide for yourself what you like best.  We are seeing more and more people for “studio tourism”. Please see our gear list for specifics. The regular Bed and Breakfast rate is $300/nite in this case good for up to 2 persons which can be extremely economical vs purchasing the wrong gear.

So with all that said here are some general quotes. Nothing is cast in concrete so please feel free to contact us and tell us specifically what you are looking for and you will get a firm quote for the work. We are not a faceless corporation, we work very closely with you to get what you are looking for that’s why we are here.

Overnight recording rate

Overnight stay at the resort. All recording included.  $500 per day. This includes everything; including the sound engineer, mixing, mastering, production… meals, beverages, accomodations, activities, everything, bring as many people as you like more than 4 may need to sleep on cots or air mattresses.

Remote remix/remastering/mastering/mixing

At the Studio we have a lot of expertise in mixing, remixing, mastering and remastering. This can all be done remotely using drop box and we can speak via email or teleconference. We also have the capability to take any format and convert to high quality mp3 files for upload. Our rate for taking raw material to production quality is typically $200 to $400 per track.

Soundtracks Movie Scores and video game tracks

We have been increasing our investment in studio synth gear as we are getting more involved with soundtracks and scores for video work/movies and video games. We effectively have a midi band that can play scores or our own original compositions, along with custom live session work.

We are creating a library of soundtrack and video game scores and are happy to do custom work in this area whether you are very large, very small or in between we have some very professional, creative, licensable offerings in this area.  Please contact us for more information or a quote.

Sample Cutting Services

We have a large selection of vintage gear whether it be instruments, amplifiers or microphones. For example in 2019 we just purchased a 1965 100% Original Fender Deluxe Reverb that is maintained and ready to play. We recently purchased a moog subsequent 37 and along with our vintage outboard gear can get an incredible variety of vintage tones.

As our gear list grows, so does the demand for our sample cutting services.  You may be surprised how cost effectively we can do this.

We have started dropping an occasional sample strip on our A/B tests page. We are putting together a sample strip library featuring our vintage gear.  You can purchase these strips in high quality format and cut them into samples yourself.

For example, we recently did a custom sample strip of distorted Fender Rhodes electric piano through a marshall head/cab for $150.  This sample strip included short and long keystrokes, and chords in the key of G all in a seamless wav file for the customer studio to cut into samples and use in their projects. When we do a custom sample strip, it’s yours. We don’t use it or sell it to anyone else. The tones you get will be completely unique.

So we  can use our gear to make custom sample strips for you, then you can cut the samples and use them as you please. For example if your company [large or small it doesn’t matter] is producing a product that will contain a sample library, we are well equipped to be the source of that sample library.

Since this area covers so much ground we can’t quote a standard rate other than the example we provided, so just get in touch with us and we will give you a quote. If you want to bring your own people out here to use our gear to actually do the samples, that’s fine.


Remote re amping/re mic’ing service.

We can do this remotely via dropbox. In 2018 we acquired the ability to translate between all popular software DAW session formats. So we can take an existing session as is, and work with it from that point if you so choose regardless of what you are using.  For those of you who may also be interested in acquiring this same advanced capability, please visit our friends at aatranslator.  This is a unique, one of a kind application designed exclusively for people in the business.

Maybe you are a bass player working on a project and need an authentic motown sound? We have a number of iconic microphones, amplifiers and instruments at Zen Duder. We will take your raw DI samples or tracks, re amp them through a vintage amp of your choice, mic it with the microphone of your choice, record it, and send the sample or track back to you. We can also play your track through our reference monitors, and capture real ambient reverb of our high ceiling studio which can sometimes work wonders for a track. This is particularly good on acoustic instruments and vocals.

The fee for this service is $100 per track or $100 for 10 samples which can include up to 8 variations [gain/mic placement etc]. The track or samples will be sent to you as raw unedited 32bit float/44.1khz wav files but we can convert between any format or send you any format you work in.  This is a great way to cost effectively enjoy the sounds of gear that may be cost prohibitive for you in your own studio. Cutting through the jargon, for $100 we will spend a lot of time on it and make sure you get what you want and you are happy with the result or else there is no charge.


We hate to say it but we see a lot of bad mastering jobs, we really do. Unfortunately good mastering tools are fairly ubiquitous here in 2019 but good mastering engineers are not. So we will be happy to take your mixdown and re master it quickly and at a very reasonable rate.

Remastering for one song =$100 or whole CD [~`12 tracks] = $500

Remixing and remastering one song=$250 or 12 tracks = $2,500

Sonic restoration

Maybe it is an old recording, a vinyl or cassette dub, or just a poor recording that needs drastic improvement. We have special professional software tools specifically designed to remedy various sonic issues. The cost for a restoration remaster starts at $140.

De-reverb, de-echo, drying out a track.

We have state of the art software tools at Zen Duder to remove ambience, reverb and echo from a track. This is commonly needed in the film industry where a dry voice was desired but the microphone could not be placed close enough without being in the scene. So if you have an instrument, voice or any kind of track that needs drying out, we can do it very well starting at only $40 a track.

Track Effects

$30 per pre mixed track *[this is a high demand service please plan ahead]. Using either our extensive [over 300] plug in library and/or via re amping or other external hardware effects, we will transform the sonic character of any single pre mixed track for a flat rate of $30.

All you need to do is get the tracks to us and we can work together remotely for any work of this type. We typically just set up a dropbox sharing account for this kind of work and pass it back and forth until completion. We can also work via regular mail, you can mail us a USB or sdcard, whatever works for you.

For mastering work, we will discuss what you are looking for, then produce up to 8 variations on a master and you can keep all 8 and pick which one you like best. It will be done using the best pro quality equipment available and a highly trained set of ears. That’s $10 a master. This is a special offer and may not last indefinitely. The general details of our mastering process are given on the more info page….and don’t worry. We are not a corporation. We will work closely with you, the artist, or the producer, to get you the sound you want. It’s not like you drop us a wav and we return a master. We don’t work like that. We are working to get you, the artist, the sound you want, and we have both the software and hardware tools to do it.

studio musician work

original copyright free [you will own the copyright] compositions and or performances for your movie soundtrack, background music, or any other sort of instrumental soundtrack. We can also do nature sountracks we have plenty of nature to track at the resort including a babbling creek. We have professional session musicians available for drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lap steel guitar, mandolin and keyboard/synthesizer. Prices range from $100 to $1000 depending on the project. Craig does session work at the rate of $200/hr for performance and $300/hr for performance and composition.

On Line Music Lessons

ZD has developed a music lesson curriculum that is fun, non traditional, and guaranteed to produce results. We can do this remotely all you need is email and drop box access. The lessons are customized and tailored to the student. Whether you are a professional looking to expand your horizons or just starting out it doesn’t matter. The instrument doesn’t matter. We are primarily working on your brain and it’s relationship with your body and how it performs with your instrument, even if it is built in [ie your voice]. The first ten lessons cost $300. You pay nothing up front, you pay at the end of the course. If you don’t feel like you got $300 worth of results, then you don’t have to pay. This is becoming popular and since the lessons are geared to the student we do have a maximum capacity for this so if you’re interested give us a call soon.

Consulting rates

Mr Duder does a lot of consulting. Say for example you would like to put a recording studio together and would like to maximize your bang for the buck. Maybe for example you are having trouble setting up your instrument, or even having trouble getting the right sound from some piece of gear. Consulting rates are very reasonable and can work at an hourly rate or on a project level on just about anything related to music.

Field recording / mobile recording lab

In 2019 we acquired two state of the art tascam portable field recorders which has allowed us to reduce our rates for off site field recording work.

We haul out all the gear, we set up, we do the recording, and we deliver it to you on the spot as raw work or as finished a few days after the event. for example a church or meeting recording, a stand up comic, a live band, an official government meeting, etc. If you are a musician playing out at night and want us to record your set, this rate may be negotable so please give us a call. In terms of pricing if you would for example like us to record your church choir, your cost would be $150 plus mileage if you are more than 20 miles from us.

We will travel [60 mile limit includes Boone, Asheville, Weaverville, Hickory, Morganton, Marion, Rutherfordton, Old Fort] with our mobile lab to record a singer songwriter live [one solo artist and one instrument, one track, as many takes as you need]. This could be at your home or wherever. We can do this when it is not practical to come to us, such as if you play a grand piano, or maybe even if you are just more comfortable being recorded in a particular space. Cost is $250 for the raw mix, $500 including mixing and mastering back at the studio.

One week art and recording workshop.

If you are a recording musician or maybe just a musician interested in learning more about the process, maybe the one thing you lack is experience and would like to get a lot of it in a short period of time. Boffin Hollow Resort and Zen Duder offer a one week recording workshop, where you can relax, enjoy yourself, experience some vintage gear, do some recording, and Craig will go through a classroom type one one one instruction to teach you the basics, some important background information you need to know, and tell you all the “secrets” you need to know in order to make excellent professional quality recordings yourself.

In your spare time we have a long list of activities from art lessons to gold mining to picking your own dinner out of the garden to enjoying the many attractions in Asheville, Morganton and near the Blue Ridge Parkway. You arrive on Monday and Leave on Sunday. The offer is good for up to 5 people. The cost including accomodations and meals is $1500 for the first person, $1000 for the second person,and $750 thereafter. So by our calculations $2500 for two people which includes everything or $4750 for 5 people.  We will even pick you up and take you to the Asheville Airport if you fly in.

Hopefully you will leave feeling relaxed but energized, you will be hooked on Wild Mountain Honey, homeade yogurt, and farm fresh eggs, you will have a great memory of the experience of getting out of the matrix for a week, and will now be motivated to go do the best work you have ever done.

Learn to record from an experienced professional

One day crash course in recording and overnight stay at the resort. This is a hands on lab type classroom instruction course. The offer is good for up to 4 people. We go over the basics as well as some advanced topics, and you make a recording yourself.  The cost is $400, which amounts to only $100 per person if you come as a group. Topics include setting proper recording levels, microphone placement, how to properly record instruments and vocals, tips and tricks, stereo mic’ing techniques, mixdown, mastering, overdubbing, effects. Also, personal suggestions for gear specifically suited to your needs and where to get it, along with hands on demonstrations of what good gear sounds like when set up properly. You should leave being capable by referring to your note handouts of making a professional quality recording by yourself.

These are the only template structures we offer, but are happy to quote whatever you want on a custom basis, and to give you a quote that is sensible and that we think you will be really happy with. The templates are mainly provided as a guide to understand roughly how the pricing element works at our studio.

We have an ultra secure professionally monitored facility where you can feel safe leaving your instruments and gear overnight.

We can work in any genre and do any kind of recording work at Zen Duder so don’t be shy about asking. At one time or another, we have done just about everything from sequencing Trip Hop [think morcheeba], rock/jazz/country/electronica to recording live events to very technical X/Y field recordings, to acapella voice recordings. No genre or type of recording is a problem for us, and we have some very high end gear for recording vocals.

All you need to do to get the ball rolling is to call or email Michelle. Our contact info is at the bottom of the page.

We obviously do have a limited capacity, and we are typically always working with a few artists at our capacity which leaves ZD time for his photography and other ventures. So make sure not to wait until the last minute. Plan on booking us in the winter for a spring session….that sort of lead time, but you never know. Just call Michelle and she’ll tell you whats cookin’.

Unfortunately we don’t offer any walk in type services. The resort property is gated and closed to the public.

That said, we do have the capability on site for repair and set up of musical instruments to repair of fine vintage electronics. We work on a lot of important people’s instruments and gear. Give us a call. We also know a lot of people and can probably help you out if we can’t.

Below, we have a picture of the anechoic chamber at IBM where Mr Duder worked for a decade. the cost of this room was millions of dollars, and the noise floor is so low you can hear your heart beat, the same as Zen Duder. Noise pollution is real. As urban and city dwellers, we have just become accustomed to it. At Zen Duder a lot of irritants fade away into the dead silence.


Anechoic Chamber at IBM

Out here in the country at Zen Duder we have 18 inches of stone between us and the birds. You probably have never been in any space that quiet before.


We have overnight accommodations on premises so those traveling a long distance [usually by car or plane with instruments] can relax and get your head together in a quiet park like environment in the NC foothills. We quote overnight recording on a custom basis so please contact Michelle for details on overnight and week long stays, for example if you are recording an entire CD. The premises feature a stocked pond, an organic garden, hiking trails, a babbling creek, a rabbit sanctuary, a gold mine and no interruptions with professional gated security.


Miss kitty became a national celebrity with her miss kitty meow collar which she has since lost

Interested artists, please contact Michelle at 561-542-0121 or email Zen Duder via Michelle at m.enterprises.m@gmail.com. We would prefer you to just pick up the phone and call. Michelle is very personable and you will enjoy a conversation with her.

Our terms are COD unless agreed to otherwise for on site work. It just makes things easier. For on line work we usually use paypal but a check is fine too. Thanks for your interest in the Zen Duder Studio at the Boffin Hollow Resort where we are here to serve you, the artist. Technical as well as artistic excellence is our goal here.